Saint Patrick’s Day Songs

In this article I am going to share with you some of my students’ favourite Saint Patrick’s Day songs and explain why I love them too  😉

1. Leprechaun Dance

The music is simple and the lyrics are repetitive.Kids will practise 4 verbs (dance, bow, clap, jump) as well as phrases with them (bow to your left, jump to your right). If you use the song during your lessons, as a brain break, for example, you are ready for a school party.


2. Ten Little Leprechauns 

Do you need to revise numbers with young learners? Add a festive touch to the TPR activity with the song.


3.  Rainbow Colors

This is a  great song to calm down kids after an active task. The tune is familiar (“Twinkle, twinkle, little star”) and kids will join in quite quickly. Try to turn off the music and if your students can read you have a “karaoke version”. The song is also good as background music for arts and crafts activities.


4. Shamrock Shake

This is a cool song for cool students  😎 It is a great brain break for your lessons. Children will easily remember the verbs: wave, scoop, shake, leap, stroke, spin, hide. It can be a surprise song at a school party. You name and mime the actions and then students and parents dance to the music.


5. Leprechaun, Leprechaun

This is an easy and fun song for young learners. You can use its instrumental version when kids know the lyrics well. Be creative with the instrumental version. I change “leprechaun” with Santa or Easter Bunny and have a new song  😉

Which song did you like best? Write in the comments below the FB post. Feel free to share your favourites!